Death By A Suicidal Pilot

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“Death by a suicidal pilot” sounds absurd to think that this even possible. As we consider the hundreds way possible to commit suicide why this way? Is this a new thing or has it been around for years? What regulations are in place to determine a pilot is mentally unstable with a possibility of committing suicide? Is there anything more can the FAA do to prevent this form happing? These are all questions to determine if the current policies in place will reduce aviation assisted suicides to “zero” as we enter the 21th century.
Aircraft-assisted are rare now days according to an Air & Space magazine article: “In the 20 years between 1993 and 2012, 24 of 7,244 fatal aviation accidents (0.33 percent of the total) are thought to have been caused deliberately by a member of the pilot crew (Reichhardt, T. (Jul 29, 2104).” Less than 1 percent, but where there plane crashes before 1993 caused by suicides. This .33 percent doesn’t include the aviators committing suicide by airplanes since World War II. Japanese military aviators, also known as “Kamaikaze” pilots, committed 3,860 suicide attacks in WWII between 1944 and 1945 causing 48.1 percent of all damage to US warships and more than 7,000 killed.(3) The Kamikaze suicide is almost non-existence now days when it comes to military actions and only the mentally unstable suicidal aircrews remain. A lot of time passed since 1945, so all the recent airplane suicides have been caused by the same major factors as a normal everyday

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