Death Is All Around Us

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Whether we notice it or not, death is all around us – in the dried leaves we step on as we walk down the street, in the cells always being replaced in our bodies, even in the microscopic worm-y things that live on our faces. Technically speaking, everything that’s alive is in the process of dying; death is a certainty, a refuge of inevitability in a world of hesitation. It’s something we all eventually experience. I first began to understand this at the age of ten. I remember the moment pretty clearly, though not as clearly as I’d like: four to six pm, me and my dad sitting on my parents’ bed, myself on my laptop and him watching TV, when my mom came in. “[Name of classmate]’s dead, she said, and I realized she was crying. A lump in my throat, a block of ice in my stomach, and a tired numbness is most of what I can recall from that point on. My mom clarified that my classmate died via falling, my then-eight-year-old brother came out of his room to ask what all the fuss was about, then preformed an acrobatic pirouette off the handle when he got his answer, my dad did whatever it is that dads do – but to me, that was all background static. I think I nodded my acknowledgement before turning my attention back to the computer, but I’m not completely sure. It was surreal; just a minute ago, the worst of my worries was getting the newest Pokémon movie to not lag. Now… someone I’d gone to school with that day was dead. It was a really weird thing to consider. Honestly, I wasn’t sure

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