Death Is Inevitable For Living Beings

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Death is inevitable for living beings. While the concept of death has always been well understood by all of us, as technology and our understanding of medicine have increased, the specifics of death have been much more challenging to define. To help us understand what death is, we need to analyze death. An Analysis of Death, according to Bernat, allows us to determine what we mean by death. The analysis of death does not result in a definition, but merely a determination of what needs defined and how to go about that.
Before explaining his Analysis of Death, Bernat makes five assumptions about death. The first is that death is a well understood term; that is the concept of death is understood by everyone (even though the specifics may not be). Additionally, we understand death as applying to all living, or previously living, things. Second, Bernat states that death is a biological function, that is for his argument we shall not look towards theological meanings. Third, death is irreversible. The irreversibility of death leads us to the fourth assumption that death is an event, not a process. Because death is an event, we should be able to determine that it took place at a specific time. The last three assumptions are intertwined as what we consider milestone events. For example, a person who graduates college was not a graduate until their degree was conferred, which we can say happened at a specific time, and it is understood that once a person is a college graduate, they

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