Death Is The End Of Life

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The Relationship of Death The psychology of one 's sanity is the catalyst of one 's reaction to death. Even though death is a certainty in life, we all have our own way of reacting to it. In Edgar Allen Poe 's poem, "The Raven," Poe portrayed the effect death had upon the main character and ended the poem with insanity and suicide. This reaction is not definite in everyone yet it is not rare. Questions arise as to whether or not one can truly understand death itself. One answer is certain, "death is the end of life" (Bernstein 1) and the final of one 's metaphoric chapter. Joanne E. Bernstein, the author of the book, Loss and How to Cope With It, has past express her belief of death being "the natural fate for all living things."…show more content…
Curiosity had driven me to figure out how many times the red warning hand light flashed before it stopped flashing and remained solid. Counting, my human built-in curiosity was fulfilled and it was discovered that the warning hand flashed ten times before it transformed into a demand. The reasoning for mentioning this personal experience was to explain the fact that babies and children like to play, what psychologist prefer to call, separation games to put their theories concerning death (Bernstein 19). Children games such as peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek are prime illustrations of a what a separation game is. These forms of separation games are actually referred to as temporary separation. Why do children find such games to be so pleasing? The most revealing answer is that the amusement from playing these games comes from "the reappearance of the person" (Bernstein 19). As a result, being the little scientists they are, a conclusion is composed with the idea that everything vanishes yet will reappear again. Unfortunately, their experiments do not cease there. The first step to discovering what death represents to children, they first require to learn temporary separations. However, that only means there is a second part to their discoveries. As children age, their knowledge expands and the understanding of a greater separation other than temporary separation begins to reveal itself. Moreover, children being to witness the certain objects not
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