Death Of Death By Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson like many poets of her lifetime was misunderstood and isolated. Her poetry was reflection her frustrations and her obsession with the unexplainable. She was rejected by society as well as her mentors due to her ideas and dark poetry. As time went by she became withdrawn, devoting her life to perfectionalize her writing. It was during this period of isolation that Dickinson wrote some of her greatest work, for instance “ Because I Could Not Stop For Death” published in 1890 after her death. Personification, symbols, and the setting are use to illustrate and maintain the strong theme of death through the poem.
Death is given human characteristics. Dickinson personifies death as a suitor who is kind and polite. He goes out of his way to take the poet on a carriage ride. She is seduced by his charm and the poet gladly gives up her life to join him. Death drives without haste or force he is mindful of the condition of the poet. She is slowly dying but she is relief and competent with the painless death. Once again death is personified as a dedicated lover who is willing to do anything to take care of his beloved. “Death comes as a gentleman, motivated by humble intentions, and concerned only with carrying the lady her bridal room in heaven...death-as-lover” (Griffith 56). As a the poem continues a drastic is changed is made and the poet is betrayed by death and her chaperon “immortality”. Death is now arrogant and malicious; when the poet becomes

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