Death Penalty

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The death penalty is an extremely controversial topic that is developing within our society today. According to Andre and Velasquez in “Capital Punishment: Our Duty or Our Doom,” 2000 people in the United States are currently awaiting capital punishment due to atrocious crimes (Andre and Velasquez 2013). This issue is becoming more controversial as more states are beginning to consider ratifying this concept states Andre and Velasquez (Andre and Velasquez 2013). The reason this issue is becoming more controversial is due to the fact that this punishment is at the peak of severity. Capital punishment is the legal process for a court to deem death upon an individual due to the severity of the crimes committed. These crimes can range …show more content…

This arises the question of what is necessarily considered a crime atrocious enough to enact the punishment of capital punishment. So we can easily ask ourselves, what is considered a crime that is worthy of establishing the punishment of death? This is where the issue arises of opponents against the death penalty. Many of the people who are against the death penalty argue numerous reasons for doing so. Andre and Velasquez state in “Capital Punishment: Our Duty or Our Doom,” that the death penalty creates numerous problems for society rather then eliminating them (Andre and Velasquez 2013). The death penalty, contrary to the expected belief, is very costly to our society in just pure terms of financing because numerous factors must be considered. The trials for this crime are not cheap by any means and can have a huge impact upon both the state and the national courts if the accused cannot afford attorneys or general requirements and evokes sixth amendment. This amendment states that if the person is unable to afford an attorney, one will be provided to them at the expense of the state. This amendment was enacted due to the fact that society deems that everyone deserves a fair trial and should not have to contest the case on his or her own. Because the state has to appoint one, and the fact that numerous cases can arise, it can easily be deduced that the price for both the state and the national government can be

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