Death as a Theme in the Writings of Emily Dickinson Essay

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Emily Dickinson Paper

Alex Lesnick
May 7, 2002
Period 1

Written word is perhaps the most powerful medium that humans have created to express their thoughts. A person can express a myriad of emotions through pen and paper, ranging from hope and happiness to morbid obsessions and anxiety. Written words, unlike spoken words, are for eternity. Once a thought is written down, anyone can read it, interpret it, ponder it, or question it, until it is destroyed. On the other hand, if a thought is spoken, it exists only for a second and then exists only in the minds of the one who uttered it and those who heard it. Only those who were present can interpret, question, or ponder that thought. If the paper or whatever material a thought …show more content…

Unloved by her mother, abandoned by her girl friends, devalued as a female, discouraged in her literary aspirations, importuned to accept a religion that offered her no haven, she felt herself a seething volcano." (Cody, 273) This poem is combination of two of Emily's main themes, death and nature. The owner, most likely, refers to Death, who came to take Emily to her "immortality." Knowledge of Puritan religious beliefs showed that there was a belief that spirits and demons wondered throughout the woods. Another interpretation of

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