Debate 24: 'Becoming President: Natural-Born Citizens Only or All Citizens?'

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Chantal Meza November 28, 2005 American Government POS 2042 Debate 24: "Becoming President: Natural-Born Citizens Only or All Citizens?" In Debate 24, Forrest McDonald and John Yinger each defend their opinion on whether natural-born citizens or all citizens should be eligible to become president of the United States. It is safe to say that for the most part every boy and girl has been taught that he or she has the capability to become the next president when they grow up. However, what each boy and girl is not taught is that this statement is not entirely true because it cannot be met by all. According to the Constitution, not every American boy and girl has the chance to lead this country. In fact, any individual that has not…show more content…
Because Yinger does not ignore the concern of foreign influence, he is also very aware that he is against the creation of naturalized citizens becoming second-class citizens. Considering that the heart of our democracy is the principle of equal rights for all Americans, and amendment stating that both natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens can run for president would affirm our nations dedication to equal opportunity. John Yinger believes that naturalized citizens ineligibility to run for president is a direct restrictions to the constitutional rights of any citizen. He feels that by forming an amendment that gives naturalized citizens complete American citizenship expands the pool of people who can run for president. Yinger also believes that an amendment such as this one would only help assist the principle of equal rights for all American citizens. After reading Debate 24, I cannot help but form my own personal opinion. I find myself supporting John Yinger 's point of view on the debate because I believe that not only natural-born citizens should be allowed to become president, but also naturalized citizens. If America has always been open to foreign-born immigrants becoming equal citizens, then why should the exception that only a natural-born citizen can become president exist? One of the greatest concerns enabling naturalized citizens to be eligible to become president is the fear of foreign influence

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