Declaration Of Independence Summary

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When the year 1776 began, few colonists could have predicted what lay ahead.Most colonists still hoped for a peaceful end to the quarrel with Britain.Both patriots and loyalists were in a minority at the start of 1776. Many colonists were in the middle,with no strong feelings about the dispute with britain. Even within the continental congress,support for independence was limited to about one third of the delegates.Patriots such as John Adams found it hard to win others to the cause of independence.Adams complained that loyalists used the prospect of independence as a way to frighten people into giving up the struggle.In January 1776,a 50 page pamphlet titled common sense was published in pliladelphia.The pamphlet simulated broad support for independence.The author, Thomas Paine, called king george a “royal brute.”Paine ridiculed the very idea of rule by kings.Americans,he said , would be far better off if they …show more content…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,’’or obvious to all.First among these truths is that “all men are created equal.’’Jefferson goes on to state that everyone is “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.’’This statement is based on John Locke's ideas about natural rights.”Like Locke,Jefferson goes on to state that governments are created in order to protect people's rights.Locke concludes that if a government violates those rights,the people have a right to abolish their government and create

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