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Thomas Jefferson is probably the most important person of the American Revolution. Many other prosperous and expressive young people were radical and serious; however the Congress’s most significant task was given to Thomas Jefferson - to compose the Declaration of Independence. People from the committee of the congress such as, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston selected Jefferson to compose the Declaration’s first draft. They were all aware that he was able to produce powerful and striking sentences. Thomas Jefferson did not get to the basis of the Declaration of independence by meditation or prediction, nor by his own experience. He was clever and capable enough to use what he had learned from many…show more content…
However it should be mentioned that in that time concepts of sovereignty, of individual were related to classical and mediaeval thought, the rights of the individual were not a topic and the citizen did not rule but was ruled. Furthermore, there is no minimizing on Jefferson’s views on Negro limits such as his proclamation that blacks lack beauty, intelligence, and most skills except music. So his concept of these human topics was completely different from the concept that we generally share today especially in civilized societies. Nevertheless he should not be blamed because that was probably the best that could have been driven from philosophical points of view in that time. The Declaration of independence contains the exact proof of the attitude of its creators i.e. Thomas Jefferson speaking in the name of the members of the congress who had chosen him to be their voice. They probably had the same conceptual viewing of the previously mentioned issues. His exact words “…We hold these truths to be self-evident…” discuss the unalienable Rights: • Life-the general or universal condition of human existence. This dictionary definition does not make the distinction between other animals and man in different aspects of the moral sense and if we consider the moral sense it is not only man’s highest faculty
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