Why Decluttering Is Important

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Having the right mindset when you are attempting to declutter your home and reclaim your space is critical to your success. This is something that is underestimated on a large scale by many people who are trying to get their home in order, and it is why most times they end up failing to get anything really accomplished and feel more frustrated. I know this is definitely true for me, because unless my head is in it, it doesn't matter what I try to do, I end up not getting anything of real substance accomplished. A lot of times what can end up happening is I just start randomly picking up items and placing them somewhere else, without any real method or system. This is hard because you have no guide to your decluttering and it becomes a much more involved process than if you were simply following a predetermined guide or system, that takes all the stress out of the process. …show more content…

You should always set a goal before you attempt to do any decluttering. As with most things in life, unless you have a clear and realistic goal, you'll end up off-track and frustrated. Before you attempt to do any decluttering, pick a goal, (a smaller, easier goal is actually better than a larger goal) and then do not deviate from the necessary steps to accomplish that goal. Resist getting distracted and branching off into other tasks. Keep your eyes on that goal, and nothing else! Do not let the enormity of your clutter problem overwhelm you, simply focus on getting that one goal

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