Deconstruction of "The Jade Peony" Essay

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Elements of Fiction Assignment

“The Jade Peony” by Wayson Choy is about a Chinese immigrant family struggling to adapt to their new unfamiliar lifestyle in Vancouver. As the older children begin to neglect Chinese customs and become accustomed to the Canadian culture, 8 years old Sek-Lung is the only child interested in Grandma’s traditional customs. Sek-Lung accompanies Grandma as looks for abandoned fragments of glass and metal to finish her precious wind chime before she passes. As Sek-Lung spends time bonding with Grandma, she also reveals her past and first love “the juggler”.

The short story takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sek-Lung’s family resides in Chinatown, a neighborhood where the alleys are
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However, in some moments you are able to observe Grandma’s inner feelings “But Grandmama shook her head, for she knew it was a sign.” (116).
Flashback throughout the story to show that Grandma has passed leaving Sek-Lung with her most important possession, the jade peony symbolizes their strong bond and love. Another significant symbolism used is the white cat with the pink eyes; it symbolizes that grandma will soon be reunited spiritually with her first love, the albino juggler.
The white cat was also used to foreshadow the passing away of Grandma. Foreshadowing was used to allow the audience to realize that Grandma would still make an impression even after her death. “I will always be with you, Little Sek-Lung, but in a different way… you’ll see.” (115).
Sek-Lung and Grandma deal with person versus person external conflict, the family who misunderstand their intentions for looking in garbage cans and find learning Chinese culture to be bothersome. The parents and children are also struggling to become accepted by the Canadian community, this is an example of person versus society conflict. “In Jade Peony”, Sek-Lung and Grandma have a strong connection and close relationship. This is situational irony because generally the oldest and youngest oppose each other due to cultural differences and changes.
Choy uses apostrophe as if death was a human in the room, “This is my body fighting with Death. He is

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