Deer Vehicle Collisions

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Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Urban Areas
Due to the large amount of development in urban areas, there has been an increase in deer-vehicle collisions
When accidents are caused by wildlife, there is a large economic loss such as damage to property, and health care due to injuries.
Approximately ⅙ of motor vehicle accidents involved collisions with animals.
It is estimated that these collisions cause approximately 1.6 billion dollars in damages, 29000 human injuries, and over 200 fatalities per year (Gilbert et. al, 2016).
Some of the solutions that have been implemented in society to reduce the number of accidents include additional signage in high wildlife population areas, underpasses, overpasses, fencing and deer whistles.
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This solution can be carried out by the government with the implementations of effective protocols; however, it is inefficient in that it requires a significant investment of time, money, and resources.
These protocols would include conducting research on the resources required to transport the carnivores efficiently, safely, and humanely.
An effective distribution strategy would need to be determined through investigation into deer population and carnivore hunting habits. In addition, the reproduction and mortality rate of both animals would need to be considered.
Evaluating the risks and benefits of translocating a predator to a new environment would need to be considered.

Cons: This method will be time-consuming and financially demanding (Miller et. al, 1999). Furthermore, there is no certainty in the effectiveness of this solution as it relies on many assumptions and predictions made based on research. The assumptions made may not hold true when the process is carried out. This could cause further complications such as endangering deer species due to

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