Def 14a Proxy Statement

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I chose to summarize the DEF 14A file, also known as the proxy statement. A proxy statement provides information to shareholders about the company and its upcoming proposals being voted on at the next meeting. According to the SEC, “a company is required to file its annual proxy statement with the SEC no later than the date proxy materials are first sent or given to shareholders.” In order to help shareholders, make informed decisions about upcoming proposals, companies are required by the 1934 securities act to disclose the information provided by the DEF 14A filing. Netflix Inc. proxy statement filed on April 4th 2016, provides information to current shareholders about proposals that will be voted on at the next annual meeting. The proxy statement provides shareholders with information about the company, such as who is on the Board of directors, current executives, and what their compensation is. The statement lists 5 upcoming proposals …show more content…

The statement explains the company’s compensation philosophy and what the compensation program centers around. According the company’s philosophy, the compensation for named executive officers is made up of three components; salary, stock options, and performance-based bonuses. The fourth proposal to vote on is proposed by a stockholder. Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Pension fund who is the beneficial owners of less than 100 shares, proposes for a director election majority vote standard. The company lists reasons as to why that is not a good fit for the board and recommends shareholders to vote against the proposal. The proxy statement lists three other stockholder proposals to vote on, if they are presented at the upcoming annual meeting. The board recommends that the shareholders vote against all the three proposals and gives explanations for what is best for the

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