Deference Between Light Reading And Deep Reading

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Deference Between Light Reading And Deep Reading A research studied in 2016 on International Journals for some students and they found a huge difference on their level of reading which can affect them in a great way for how they write perfectly from when they start to read in collage to when graduate. Reading in collage gave them a high skill on writing. So Susan Reynolds the author decided to give us more information and explaining about the reading for us. Reading is easy way to learn many different things in our world. The author found that this topic is very important for writer and reader. People who read a lot they have a wonderful skill in speech or think or even write. The author was focusing in two type of reading which are deep reading and light reading. People are basically now read from websites or newspaper or internet they start to forget how significant by do deep reading in our life. I found out that in my country Saudi Arabia. There are very few people are doing deep reading most of the people are busy with technology and light reading. However, As I’m exchange student in United States there is a huge deferent. People here like to read I’m not say they are the best. But they just know how important to read. The author is trying to explain the deference between deep reading and light reading and as she said there is a different between deep reading and light reading however, her focus was more on deep reading. She tries to give us logos
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