Defining Instructional Leadership for Our School Essay

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Defining Instructional Leadership
Working with several principals of my seventeen years in the classroom have given me a perspective on effective practices of principalship. Now that I am out of the classroom and work directly with dozens principals, I hope to get a very close look and improved understanding of the principal's role in a school. In my role as a project facilitator I have already experienced firsthand how educational leader sets its priorities for their school . Combining this work assignment with CSUN's administrative credential program will provide excellent preparation.
School principals wear many hats. They are supervisors, mentors, politicians, as well as instructional leaders. Balancing between these roles is …show more content…

Too often a lack time for the principal to execute instructional leadership activities reveal a lesser value. Documenting and reporting paperwork seem to be the principals' primary business-like expectation of the school district. Principals are responsible for providing teachers development opportunities, deliver instructional resources. Professional development needs to be relevant and demonstrate to teachers that time and effort is valued. Principals must be foster a collegial and collaborative working environment between faculty members. Acknowledgement and praise must be used liberally and genuine gestures. A principal should know a staff well enough to know their strengths and interests, as well as their career goals and areas that needing development. These measures maintain trust, spur motivation, give empowerment and enhance collegial relationships.. The educational leader must look at each decision through the lens of what is best for the student. Students respond well to positive peer interactions in collaborative classrooms. They are motivated when instruction is made relevant and challenging to their interests and abilities.
In short, the task of being a highly effective instructional leader is multifaceted. It requires focusing on instruction; building a community of learners; sharing decision making; supporting professional development; creating a climate of integrity, and striving for

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