Definition Essay About Freedom

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Freedom, what is it exactly? My definition of freedom is doing what you want but you still have to face the consequences. Some consequences from having our freedom will end in taking away your freedom. For instance if you choose to kill someone the consequence would either be life in prison or maybe even cost your life, such as the death penalty, both of which take your freedom. America is the universal symbol of freedom. Freedom is what makes America America. But is I really free? Has freedom defined America or has America defined freedom? I think at first freedom defined America but over time but then over time it changed and America started to define freedom. I believe America is really free and even though America has started to define
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Americans have quite a bit of freedom. For instance, we have freedom of speech. With freedom of speech Americans have l we can say what ever we want when ever we want, but going back to my definition saying you still have consequences, it may get us into a lot trouble.
Another example is If I use the “f” word, multiple cuss words, or disturbing things in my essay I would have to go talk to the principle and I would get in trouble. We also have the freedom of religion. We can choose which religion we want to practice or follow instead of being to forced to follow a certain religion or not be able to practice the religion I believe.
We all get to decide who we as as president. There is an age limit to how old you have to be to vote. That's just to usher that we vote for who we want as president and not who are parents want. That age limit is 18 or older. Deciding are president is a great way to use our freedom.
Keep in mind that the person you vote for may or may not win. We also have the freedom
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