Definition Essay: Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Money is powerful in the sense that it can buy things. There are many things, materialistic and non-materialistic that people need for their satisfaction for which they risk their lives so that they can live a satisfied and blissful life. On the other hand, money may buy you happiness up to a certain level, but there are a number of other factors that have a more influential impact on the happiness of any individual, for example marriage. However, marriage again depends on money for the arrangements and other requirements. Therefore money is a necessity that contributes to the level of happiness. Maybe if one actually earns the money, as opposed to being handed it, he has a greater respect for it and therefore it makes him happier for longer. …show more content…

Happiness or satisfaction is an inclination we have for some reasons. Defining a specific definition for happiness is not easy as everybody has his own points of view of happiness from their own experience. A few people would say money can provide the joy since they assume money could give them power, while others oppose this idea (Michael Argyle). Happiness along with enjoyment can be achieved by numerous items and materials and money can, and has satisfied that joy which one needs for a long time.
There are numerous ways by means of which someone can buy happiness. Money expands personal satisfaction in which purchases joy (Dunn, Lara and Michael). This is just valid on the off chance that one lives inside his methods, carries on an unassuming life style and seeks the correct way after satisfaction. The amount of joy that one can have is most of the times overestimated by the individuals when they procure expensive things.
This paper provides an overview of the defining elements of what has been called as the Economics of happiness, a branch of Welfare …show more content…

Though the earth is changing and getting complicated day by day, almost every single individual is trying for a happy and satisfying life (Lyubomirsky). Throughout this quest of happiness, our relationships play a dominant role. In pace of life, when we have encountered with some stressful or disappointing situation or cases, in order to take a breath we always consult our families and fly into our family's arms. If we have our own families and their real support, it is the most reliable way to reach the happiness and relief. But sometimes people can be in a dilemma between possessions and relationships. This is the point of collapsing real happiness, because when the passion of money comes to a person, he starts to abandon his family. He thinks as if money will bring them a good life and happiness. It is true that money is an important necessity in the human life as most of the necessities of human on this planet are not free and have some price and value.
Economists have been convinced, in general, by the belief that more income, more goods and more wealth encompasses the social certainty with greater prosperity, better living conditions, and, ultimately, greater happiness (Weimann, et al). People who enjoy higher income levels can have access to goods and services that are not available to everyone and living in extreme poverty can be very difficult to bear. In other words:

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