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Everyone has a word or phrase that purely defines who they are, how they speak or the way they act. In this case, the slang word that defines me most is “LOLOL”. Nearly everyone in America is aware of the slang word as “LOL,” which stands for laughing out loud. “LOLOL” means close to the exact same thing as the slang word “LOL” but it represents a continuation of someone, or multiple people expressing their laughter by “lots of laughing out loud,”. There are multiple definitions for this slang word, but the way Internet Slang defines this word is the one that relates most to the meaning I believe in. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of the word “LOLOL” is when one may not only suck a penis but talk while doing it. This definition…show more content…
This slang word can be used through dialogue as well as a visual, sound, smell, taste, and touch. One of the most recent visual encounters of using the word “LOLOL” was when my friend Taylor Bruck was playing intramural basketball. Intramural sports are when people get teams together to play one another in a non-competitive fashion but, Taylor tried making this very competitive so she decided to wear goggles and a mouth guard. I do not think I can’t remember a time that I laughed that hard. Since Taylor is one of my good friends I able to laugh at her without offending her. Another visual detail that always seems to have me laughing out loud is when I watch videos of dogs playing. I love watching videos of dogs that are doing trick and end up failing or when dogs do something funny but of course not videos of dogs hurting themselves. Now, for the last example of a visual detail that helps explain “LOLOL” is a classic. Taylor Bacon, my best friend and I live by a lake named Lake Ladue. Last summer we both decided to go canoeing so when we went we could rent out a canoe for two hours. Our trip on the lake was going smoothly besides the fact we could not make the canoe go straight. We had the hardest time to move in the water and before you know it time was almost up. When we arrived back at shore, the guy who was helping us started laughing at us because we have been rowing the canoe backward the whole time. Taylor and I just looked at each other and started dying of laughter at how dumb we both just
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