Definition Of Irs Management Information Systems

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IRS MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Introduction While the NIST cyber security framework may not constitute a foolproof formula for cyber security, its benefits may be missed by those who choose to forgo or implement the recommendations at a later stage in part or in a whole. The assessment in this paper states that IRS relies extensively on information technology to execute its mission and provide services to the American Citizens business partners. Given the prevalence of cyber threats today, IRS manage its information system assets with due diligence and take the necessary steps to safeguard them while complying with federal mandates and the precept of good stewardship. 1.0 SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION/SCOPE OF ASSESSMENT 1.1 Financial management system 1.2 Security Categorization The IRS categorizes information system and the information processed, stored, or transmitted by the financial management system in accordance with applicable laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, standards, and guidance and documents the results in the system security plan. Designated senior level officials within the organization review and approve the security categorizations. (NIST, 2014) 1.2.1 Information System Type The system that I will be evaluating in this paper is the IRS financial management information system. This is the automation of financial operations. Automation is achieved through the use of financial accounting applications and database management systems. The
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