Definition of Development Appropriate Practice

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The developmentally appropriate practice for Health, Safety and Nutrition prepares students from early childhood through a group of basic information and theory, practices, and requirements for establishing and keeping safety, healthy learning environment and good nutrition through the training of children to pay attention to their health and their nutrition and safety.

Definition of Development appropriate Practice :
The definition of developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) is “ a framework of principles and guidelines for best practice in the care and education of young children, birth through age 8.”( ) An institution interested in the search for a way to develop children's thinking and learning and the
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An example of this, The teacher is trying to deal quietly with the child to understand the meaning of safety and try to work for a childlike paintings and drawings show the safety in the classroom, Guide the children to enter a class arranged so as not to offend and train them on how to enter a class quietly , I try to understand them that if they saw something new does not touch must seek permission before and must behave cautiously with everything in the classroom because the children love the tradition that I should behave with caution even act like me.

Teaching Health :
The developmentally appropriate practice of health of children it must do strategies to teach children health and sanitation habits, research and demonstrate an understanding of standard health practices in an early childhood care and education setting, describe appropriate methods of distributing and storing medications, compare between toys and medicine, increase activities for keeping health, evaluate the place that children stay in it to know that place are good for children health and free from anything effect children health , describe and discuss for children how to wash their hand , how to use toileting in right way and wash his hands after leaving the bathroom or after playing with watching them during the washing to make sure that he wash it in right way.
Provide Reinforcement for children to make their

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