Deforestation Essay

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Shireen Sayareh Professor Bystrom EngWr 300 12 October 2014 Detriment of Deforestation Image a planet without trees. This is a scary planet where the temperature is very hot and the air is very difficult to breathe. This planet will have nothing to protect people from the sun, nothing to slowdown the forces of the wind, and nothing to anchor topsoil from eroding in the rain. The conditions at this imaginary planet can become our reality on earth if we do not stop deforestation. There are many negative effects of deforestation. However, for the scope of this paper, I will discuss three primary issues on how deforestation harms our environment. I will begin this paper with a brief look at some arguments that support deforestation, followed …show more content…

In Amazonia, recent research has confirmed that more than half of the total uncertainty stems from the carbon stocks created in deforested regions (Baccini). Carbon is not necessarily the problem; the problem arises when this greenhouse gas gets trapped in the atmosphere causing abnormal temperature conditions around the world. It was not until recently that areas of the world became unsuitable for living because of the lack of natural regulation of these gases. CO2 currently accounts for over 80% of the greenhouse gases caused by human activity (Baccini). The number of species, including plant life and other animals, threatened by deforestation continues to rise. The desolation of these forests is equivalent to the destruction of one’s home and way of life. The hunting grounds of animals disappear, which decreases self-sufficiency while also altering their overall state of mind. Most animals, such as elephants, need a large area to roam; when this cannot be accomplished, mating habits are transformed for the worse. This is mainly due to their heightened shift of focus to survival, when facing desperate circumstances. The lack of forest causes animals to be vulnerable victims against surrounding predators. Because CO2 causes a global transition in way of life and forests hold cleansing aspects beneficial to the environment, animals are always making unnecessary adjustments. Polar bears have been struggling, due to melting ice caps in their native region.

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