Degree In Cosmetology

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Nurse Midwife & Cosmetologist

My dream job when I get older, is to have my degree in cosmetology before college. So that way I can be making my own money at that time. I will be making about an average of $26,550 per year with cosmetology. Then when I get to college I can focus on studying Nurse Midwifery, and not trying to get a job. When I get my degree for Nurse Midwifery I will be making an average $96,970 per year. Together that I would be making about $123,520 yearly. After college with having a degree in cosmetology and Nurse Midwifery, I would already be working in a hair,nail,and makeup salon, so then at this point I would be thinking about making my own company for my cosmetology side job. I would also ask my friend Maya to help
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