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Love Can’t Be Prevented

What if you lived in a society where love is considered a disease? Lena and Alex live in a world where the government sees love as illegal. People can get arrested for being in love, and even be executed for it. The book that this society is in is called Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. Lena and Alex fall in love in this dystopian society, and try to defy the government. They meet up secretly, and even try to escape together. A message that I’ve gotten from this is that love can’t be restrained no matter what. Lena and Alex fall in love in a society where it isn’t allowed. Lena says, ¨The only word left there is yes. Yes to everything.” (pg.232) Lena says this when she falls in love with Alex. This supports my theme that love can’t be restrained because she lets herself fall in love with him when the government is strongly against love and tells everyone it is a disease. No matter how much the government tries to stop it, people will still fall in love. Love can’t be restrained. Lena …show more content…

Lena says to Alex, “I want to run away with you. To the Wilds. Like we talked about.” (pg.374) Lena says this when she finds out that everyone lied to her about her mother killing herself because of love. The truth was that she was imprisoned in the in the Crypts. Left to rot there just because she had the disease. The reason this supports the claim is because she wants to escape because she’s in love and the government is holding them back. She wants to run away with Alex so they can be free forever. By the end of the book, she thinks, “Alex told me to run. And so I run.” (pg.440) She thinks this when she and Alex are running to the Wilds, and Alex helps her get past the fence and escape. However, this happens with the price of Alex being taken away from the government. This shows that love can’t be restrained because Lena was so in love that she defied the government and

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