Dell Supermarket Industry Analysis

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Supermarket Industry Analysis 4
Supermarket Functional Area 4
Procurement – Supplier 6
Distribution (Inbound & Outbound Logistics) / Warehousing 7
Retailing 8
Information System Architecture 10
System Advantages and Benefits 13
Information System in Dell Computer Corporation 17
Introduction of Dell Computer 17
Analysis of Computer Industry Structure using Porter Competitive Model 17
Rivalry among existing firms 19
Threat of New Entrants 19
Bargaining Power of Suppliers 19
Bargaining Power of Buyers 19
Substitute products or services 19
Dell Computer - Analysis of Information System Plan 19
Information Systems in Organization Functional Area 21
Information System to Customers 21
Information System to Suppliers 22
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Case Study: Information System in Supermarket Industry
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All data and information are stored in single repository, creating an integrated view of the different organizational level - the operational, tactical, and strategic.

The supermarket is composed of several departments namely, procurement/supplier, distribution (inbound & outbound logistics)/warehousing, and retailing among others. The procurement activities concentrate on canvassing, supplier qualification, negotiating contracts for a long-term supply, and checking quality and promptness of delivery which are the common tasks for preparing purchase order and delivering of supplies. The warehousing maintains all the activities relative to inventory management. In specific view of its function, it ensures that there are plenty number of stocks of products, prompting for reorder of stock when there is a need to replenish the products, and generating warehouse reports to monitor the inventory movements by both local and head office managers. The distribution activity

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