Procurement plan Essay

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Procurement plan
The procurement plan for the NHS hospital development may be undertaken through the following steps and processes:
1. Procurement guidelines:
a) Goods and services shall be procured under and in accordance with NHS guidelines and provisions outlining the functioning and operation of such procedures.
b) Outsourced services, consultants, off-branch goods and services are to be procured in accordance with the requisite NHS guidelines and project specifications.
c) Standard bidding documents/ Proposals/ bidding paper etc will all be finalized as per NHS guidelines and will adhere strictly to NHS quality and safety requirements (Fewings 2010)
2. Selection of goods and services:
The current project is one of
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Non-Healthcare services:
These include services related to the commercial aspect of the institution, for example: independent contractors to handle the catering aspect of the institution, or construction consultants to aid in the different infrastructural needs and requirements of the institution. For example: contractors and outsourced services to handle the IT infrastructure of the institution and other secondary and tertiary aspects associated with the facility.
3) Procurement methods:
In keeping with the classification of the different procurement requirements of the institution as outlined above, there can be different procurement methods adapted to each category of product:
Category A products:
These include products that are consumed in large bulk in the daily operation of the institution such as; sanitary products, dressing equipment, etc. As these are required to be replenished in continuous cyclical repetition the best procurement method for these
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