Demand For Health Care Services

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Demand for health care services and physicians in U.S is the quantity for which the society is willing to pay the minimum price in order to avail their services in future. The demand of the physicians depends on several factors such as needs of the population, some of the economic constraints of the people such as their income level and prices they are facing, other technological constraints related to the feasibility of what the consumers demand and last but not the least, the cultural considerations. The final demand of health care physicians depends on the interactions of demand and supply conditions prevailing in the market of services. According to the report, there will be less agreement on the future demand of the physicians in U.S. As per the past projections of demand and supply of the physicians in the market, there has been consistent shortages of the physicians which ultimately influenced the policies and programs of the prevailing in the country related to the health care systems. It takes time to train new physicians and to create the required infrastructure for new physicians. Therefore, the nation must predict in advance the future needs of the physicians. If we look into the past, there was considerable shortage of the physicians in the country which motivated the creation of new medical schools in the country. Government also increased the medical funding dedicated to such schools and motivated them for admissions to those schools at subsidized rates. The
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