Democracy in America

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Democracy in America Pos/110 June 2, 2013 We live in this country for the land, and the for the free as Americans we rely on many attributes in this world in order for us to live our lives. Our government has supplied us with many great things for us to be proud of. Our government is “the institutions and processes though which public policies are made for society.” (Edwards, Wattenberg, and Lineberry, p. 7). With all these institutions which includes the President, Congress, the courts and all the federal administrative agencies. These are the institutions that make up public policies for us, and to shape the way we live as Americans. The way this system has been operating through all the years has been…show more content…
Why say freedom of speech when you really have to watch what you say to officers of the law, court officials, judges etc, I understand it may cause chaos if we all could say what we really want to those certain people, but it would feel good. The freedom to be who you want is not the case either in our government because we are all different and some are homosexuals some people practice a different religion. Many get penalized or ridiculed for being different like a homosexual, or being a Muslim. The fact is these are human beings too and not everyone will be the same all the time. The way we view everything is how we manage to make the best of things, and sometimes that can be hard from the world we live in. We do have choices in life that defines who and what we are, but many people will not see it the same way. Our constitution is nation’s basic law “it creates political institutions, allocates power within government, and often provides guarantees to citizens.” (Edwards, Wattenberg, and Lineberry, p. 2). In my opinion as it states in the Government in America in order to understand the government and the laws you first have to understand the constitution. There is nothing that I would change about the Constitution because it does back up us Americans in most situations. The Constitution is made of laws that all must follow even the political leaders. The three branches of power which are judicial executive and legislative all
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