Democracy is NOT Right for All Nations Essay

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Is Democracy the Right Thing For All Nations? No, Democracy is Not Right For All Nations.

Merriam-Webster defines the word Democracy as a government by the people, rule of the majority, a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. It is a government designed for the peoples choice for their ruling of themselves and others within their community or even nation over political, economic, and matters for the well being of their survival. A democracy is a great thing that can be perfected with a perfect nation, unfortunately a perfect nation is as hard to build and come by as a banana …show more content…

Robert Kagan, from "Democracies and Double Standards" states that “democracy has taken root in many nations that never had it before, in large measure due to American intervention, with desirable consequences for American security and prosperity.”(336) Kagan also asks “Can anyone doubt that the spread of democracy has been a good thing for the world?”(338) The answer is yes, yes we can doubt that the influence of America on third-world countries with the adaptation of democracy has been a good thing. The nations who have adopted this form of government are not strong enough, not developed enough, not economically adequate for the standard that a democracy entails. As Robert D. Kaplan, influential writer of “Was Democracy Just a Moment?” and educated scholar at the University of Connecticut explains “In this respect, democracy sets a high standard that many nations may not be able to meet.”(337) The economy has to be good enough to withstand a democracy. In most cases, the economy of these third-world countries cant even hold the straw that broke the camels back let alone the entire famished weight of its own people. These countries, at this moment in time, do not with have the education or economic cultivation needed to survive “successfully” in a democracy. They are used to being told what to do and how much to eat and what to wear so it would be a total atomic culture shock to be transformed into a full democracy. A

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