Democracy, the Electoral College and Other Methods of Election

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In a United States Government and Politics class, students learn about historical moments and the American political structure. America is seen globally as the land of the free. In fact, many people around the world believe that the United States, with its political and justice systems, is the strongest democracy in the world. However, the United States of America possesses many defects in its political system.
Many Americans also believe that the United States of America is the most solid democracy today. However, America’s election system contradicts the ideas of a role-model democracy. American citizens elect the President of the United States indirectly through the Electoral College. Some Americans do not understand clearly how the Electoral College even works. I will specifically analyze the American election system and propose some alternatives that might portray America as a better democracy.

Democracy, the Electoral College & Other Methods of Election

The 12th Amendment
The Electoral College is a complex system designed to elect the President of the United States, who is selected indirectly by the American citizens. There are many issues related to America’s election procedure. The Presidential Election challenges and distorts the values of a strong democracy and limits the power of the citizens.
Changing the political election system would involve restating the 12th Amendment of the Constitution, which states the process of electing the President and Vice

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