Demographic Changes in America (1607-1914)

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Demographic Changes in America (1607-1914)
Historical records of American demography start with the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. Puritans landed in Plymouth and made a home for themselves with the help of Native Americans. These first immigrants in the colonies (British, Dutch, and German), moved to America between the early 17th and late 18th centuries in what was known as Old Immigration. During the colonial period, the birth rate was high but the life expectancy was low. It was common for people to live up until their mid-thirties and families consisted of six to eight children, of which usually just three survived past childhood. The population of the colonies rose to over two million by 1765. The birth rate and life …show more content…

Rachel Diao, Sam Jiang
Demographic Changes in America

1. Which time period in American history saw a drop in fertility rate? a. Revolutionary War era b. Civil War era c. Reconstruction era d. Progressive era 2. During “New Immigration”, the majority of the immigrants were: e. Chinese f. Japanese g. Southern Europeans and Russians h. Germans and Scots-Irish 3. Which group fled to Utah because of religious persecution? i. Puritans j. Mormons k. Roman Catholics l. New Lights 4. Why did life expectancy decrease in the 1880s? m. Inexperienced doctors n. Poorly sanitized medical equipment o. Disease and poor conditions in cities p. Lack of contraceptives and STI’s 5. Which group was drawn to the US during the Industrial Revolution? q. Chinese r. Japanese s. Mexicans t. Europeans 6. Why did the birth rate drop during the Civil War? u. Mobilization of young men v. Increased infant mortality w. Development of birth control technologies x. Low morale 7. How did poor Europeans enter the US from 1880-1914? y. Through Angel Island z. Stowing away on cargo ships {. Through Boston Harbor |. Through Ellis Island 8. The Great

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