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Demographics and Developmental Information Chris Kyle is a 38 year-old, combat veteran, who served 10 years in the United States Navy. Chris is a Caucasian male, who presents with a moderate religious background. He ‘s currently married to his wife Taya, and has one son. Chris was born in Texas, in where he was raised by both of his parents along with his younger brother. His childhood can be described as a loving, nurturing environment with a secure attachment but also with a strict disciplinary component, in where early on Chris was taught the concept of being a Sheepdog, amongst sheep. This concept can be viewed as a precursor to the role he has adopted along his experience in the military. Chris’s highest level of education comes through a high school diploma, but is supplemented by the training and grooming he received as a special forces operator. Through this training, he was usually required to be in top physical shape and work with a good sense of executive functioning. Occupational and Deployment History While on active duty, Chris served as a Navy Seal, in a special forces unit primarily as a Scout Sniper. Chris was a highly decorated special forces operator with top secret clearance, who served 4 combat deployment to Iraq and is credited as the deadliest sniper in American history, with 160 confirmed kills. His exposure to combat has come from fighting in some of the major battles of the war in Iraq, in where he experienced the loss of fellow service members

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