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| Dennis Rodman | | | | Dennis Rodman | | | Dennis Rodman The person I decide to do my psychology study on is Dennis Roman, I decided to pick him to do my study would is because he is well known to have a lot of psychological problems. Some of his psychological problems are the reason that made him an even bigger star than he was just off his accomplishments. Some people could even argue the fact by some of his bizarre events he was able to generate a bigger salary for NBA contract as well too. By fully understanding Dennis Rodman we, will know who he is, where he comes from, then ask what makes him do the things he does, and why he does it? Dennis Rodman was originally born on May 13, 1961 in…show more content…
This was the new start of his bad boy and bizarre attitude that garnered a great deal of attention to him through the media when he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs. When he first arrived to the Spurs he started coloring his hair strange colors. He stayed highlighted in the media by pulling antics like saying he was getting married, inviting the media there, and walking down the wedding isle wearing a brides` dress and said, “I am marrying myself.” Dennis also started piecing and tattooing all over his body as well; he also was in the media for two of his most popular relationship with Carmen Electra and Madonna. He was known for doing interviews at odd places like at gay bars. Even from 1997-2004 he was involve with wrestling even wrestling with fellow NBA Star Karl Malone, and generally teaming up with wrestling phenomenon Hulk Hogan. His bizarre antics landed him a couple movie deals earning quite a few huge paychecks in the box office. Take what you want from Dennis Rodman, even with all the bizarre antics, he brought phenomenal skills set to the NBA no matter what team he played for the, Piston, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, and Mavericks. His contributions to teams helped win the NBA Finals 5 times, two with the Detroit Pistons (1989-1990) and three with the Chicago Bulls (1996-1998).
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