Dentistry Is Not Just A Career Or A College Degree

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Dentistry is not just a career or a college degree to me, it’s the choice I have made in order to fulfill my passion. Since my childhood, I have been passionate and motivated to help the people in need. I believe that my feeling of helping others was mainly inspired by my parents who sway my enthusiasm; they were the driving force for me to become a dentist. I was raised in “upper Egypt” which is the poorest region in the country. I remember my childhood very clearly, it was a habit of mine to spend most of the summer vacation with my parents at their pharmacy, and I was inspired by watching my family helping people, and witnessing the close relationship they were building with their patients. I always felt pain in my heart for my suffering community; they were in a great pain as most of them have neglected their health. People in third world countries are aggravated by poverty, ignorance concerning health education and lack of government funding to basic health care, moreover lack of quality dental materials at an affordable price and insufficient investment in dental care. My parents involved me in various community service projects through the church that we attended weekly and in Sunday school service that has helped developing my commitment, endurance and communication skills with people from a variety of ages and social statuses, and helped me to deal with stressed individuals by empathy and understanding their problems and aspirations. These experiences further

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