Deontological Paper

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Deontological Paper
Marketing products, services, or even charities to the public has become a very powerful force in our world. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising each year with the goal of increasing revenue for the business or raising awareness of an organization to the public. Pharmaceutical companies bring products to the markets that are intended to help people live better lives. Advertising is a relatively new phenomenon for pharmaceutical companies in the United States. “In 1985, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has the responsibility for safety regulations governing drugs, passed a ruling that allowed direct market to consumers on the condition that a great deal of warning information was provided …show more content…

Using this Deontological approach we will look at the pharmaceutical advertising. As a free nation, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, there is a moral obligation for us to do what is right. From the corporate perspective, nearly all other businesses are allowed to advertise. The purpose of advertising from a corporate perspective is to teach individuals what their products offer the public so they can increase profit for the company. There are rules that they have to follow to ensure the information is accurate. There is nobody forcing a purchase of the drugs, it is mere information that is available to all public for their benefit. There is a choice that is made by the public. They will either choose to purchase the drugs that will help them, or will not. From the public perspective, they want to have access to the information that will help them lead a better life regardless of who they are. Under the veil of ignorance, we should all be able to know and understand every option that is available to us so that we can live happier and healthy lives. Pharmaceutical products offer people a better way to live their lives no matter who you are. There are drugs for arthritis that help people live better by reducing pain and increasing mobility; drugs for helping people get a better night of sleep; drugs for

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