Dtc Prescription Drug Ads Research Paper

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Pharmaceuticals and Drug Advertisements Should pharmaceuticals be the first option that is prescribed to patients who are sick or are thinking about losing weight, even if the outcome is negative? In today’s society, people are so unbelievably reliant and dependent on pharmaceuticals, we are so wrapped up in the fact that they need to fix every little thing that is wrong with themselves. Society has forced upon people that the only way for someone to be healthy and “cured” is to take drugs, but that is not necessarily the right answer. Even in historic literature such as Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth began to sleepwalk and her husband believed that the only way she would be “cured” was if the doctor prescribed her medication to take, but that was not the resolution. In some situations, this might be correct. While in others, such as dieting or headaches, drugs might not be the answer. Prescription drugs can help people while at the same time harming them, but what is more prominent: the consequence or the affirmative development into something more. Televised drug ads have helped to update patients on the positives of pharmaceuticals. The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) drug ads inform people about medical conditions and the treatments that come with those conditions. As stated by this article, “44% of patients…said that DTC prescription drug ads helped educate them about drugs, medical conditions, and treatments” (“Should Prescription Drugs” 2). For most patients, they are unaware of what is inside of their medications and what the risks are. With prescription drug ads, they allow the uninformed patients to become informed by …show more content…

For example, if a patient must have a knee replacement, the pain is so excruciating that Tylenol and Advil cannot help. In this situation, prescription drugs are the only option, but many individuals choose to abuse

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