Depression : Depression And Depression

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Depression. Depressed. Depressing. These are all used in our daily lives. We state that someone who is down ‘depressed’ because they failed a test is. Someone who has recently had an argument is ‘depressed’ about it. If someone isn’t completely happy, they must be ‘depressed’. NO! That is not depression. That is not what having and suffering from depression ever is. Depression is a mental illness. The fact that people only see depression as simply as a form of being sad, is out of order. If this is true, then OCD is just a form of being uptight, or anxieties is just a form of being nervous. All this gives the idea that depression is only a matter of mood, a matter of personality. Society states that it is “the soul that is sick, not the body”. Society sees it as something you have some control over, that you can choose to be happy. Is it though? Is happiness a choice? In short term, no, happiness is not a choice. Depression comes from chemicals in the brain. In a normal brain function, neurotransmitters jump from one nerve cell to the other, with the signal being strong all the way though, as with the following cells. However, in people who are depressed, the mood controlling neurotransmitters fail to function normally, so that the signal is either reduced or disrupted before passing to the next nerve cell. This proves the fact that depression is chemical; it is the body fighting against you. One girl, Rebecca Brown, was diagnosed with Trichotillomania – an impulse disorder

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