Derek Jeter: Baseball's Famous Bachelor

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How Derek Jeter Settles into Marriage from being Baseball’s Famous Bachelor
For two decades, Derek Jeter was Major League’s Baseball’s most famous bachelor. The New York Yankee player earned the nicknames “Captain Clutch” and “Mr. November Man.” He won his team five World Title series and was rewarded with millions of dollars, All-star games, and an enormous popularity with the ladies.
Aside from being one of the biggest names in sports, Jeter has never been associated with any major controversies or scandals. During the time he played for basketball, he never got married. Although, he may be known as being a playboy, he continues to be in the eye of many women.
Women want him while the men want to be him. According to Jeter, his number one priority has always been on the field. Although he’s done a …show more content…

Jeter has been known for maintaining a private love life. Davis shared the same sentiments as Jeter.
In an interview with Maxim, Davis revealed that she felt this is the only part of her life that appears to be a little mysterious to the public. This is how the couple wants it to be and the only way to protect their privacy is not to discuss it in public.
When Davis was asked what attracted her most to the famous major player, she answered that she wanted someone who gives huge importance to family life. That’s what got her because she wasn’t interested in material things.
Jeter proposed to Davis a year after he retired from a successful professional baseball career. He first announced their engagement in The Players Tribune when he referred to her as his fiancée.
So how did the couple meet? A friend introduced Davis to Jeter while she was having dinner with her mom. Although she knew who Jeter was, she wasn’t really caught up by his fame. They met off-season which gave them a chance to spend time with each other before he went back to his

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