Descartes ' Philosophy : Descartes 's Western Philosophical Reasoning

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“One should try to discard any doubts that he/she may previously have and try to start again from the beginning with knowledge that is for certain, the truth” says Descartes. The first two meditations out of Descartes’s six, gives the reader general ideas of Descartes’s western philosophical reasoning. Meditation one focuses on removing any doubts in the mind and meditation two focuses on how the mind is better than the body. I will describe Descartes’s major points for meditations one and two by gives rational reasoning to truly support the major claims that he is making.
Descartes starts his argument by saying that he must start with new stronger premises. He says that he wants to brush away all doubts in his mind and start from the beginning with a new and real foundation of ideas. Descartes explains that the reasons behind the things that he learning, causes him to question his previous thoughts or doubts. Therefore, he must search for real reasons which can be supported to help him develop better knowledge. Descartes follows a unique pattern of giving reasons through steps. For instance, he says that his doubts come from what he has learned from his senses. He expands this idea, by justifying that senses can deceive humans if these senses are about small objects. What I understand from his argument is that, he believes every little thing has its own sense and humans can fall victim to these senses by believing it. For example, if a person is addicted to something then

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