Descartes ' Philosophy On Method And Meditations On First Philosophy

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Countless philosophers show a way of clarifying what is real and what life is meant to be. Philosophers are typically all different, but follow a similar policy by trying to use all of their mind and prove their points. Many philosophers were different from Rene Descartes, Descartes had an opinion that if he could somehow disregard everything that he knew was real, try to doubt it and it would help him in life; “I will be happy to show in this discourse what paths I have followed and to represent my life” . In his book, Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes explains that his way of thinking is the best “no better proofs can be found than mine” , this shows that Descartes was really confident in his works and his accomplishments. Descartes controlled his mind even though he knew his mind was real, he believed that other things could not be certain, except his own mind, because that is what he used to doubt all other things. Descartes knew how to catch the eye of the reader while he was introducing an argument. He would start of by giving the reader an idea or telling a story to help guide his audience throughout the introduction of a new argument. On part three of his book, Descartes brings in his opinions of the morals and maxims. “And finally, just as it is not enough, before beginning to rebuild the house where one is living, simply to pull it down” . This introduction goes on to talk about the architectural idea of building a house. The
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