Descartes : The Father Of Modern Day Philosophy

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Rene Descartes was a philosopher from France. Descartes is known as the “Father of Modern Day Philosophy”. One day, Descartes thought of everything he learned and knew about life and erased it from his mind. He wanted to understand through his own philosophies and beliefs, how we humans are beings, what we are, and how we came to be. He started by first proving himself and how he came to existence. Descartes thought to himself, “am I a thinking thing, or just an idea?” Through this knowledge the Descartes provided us with, we come to the conclusion to understand his quote, “I think, therefore I am (biography).” With this idea in mind, this is how Descartes proved to himself that God exists. Descartes has numerous proofs as to why he believes God exists. One of the reasons that I understand is that Descartes thinks God exist because he does not think he came up with the idea of God himself. Descartes thinks that there is no way he just randomly “thought” that God existed. He thinks that this idea has to come from another, more superior being. With this thinking in mind, he tried to think of different interpretations as to why this idea came about. After going through all of his options, Descartes thought that God has far more “objective reality, then formal reality.” Objective reality is the idea that we are sure of things that exist independently of us and formal reality comes in three forms one being infinite reality (sparknotes). Descartes thinks that only

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