Descartes 's Theory Of God

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Within his work, Descartes presents the causal argument, in which he demonstrates the idea that God must exist because everything with an affect must have a cause . This is one approach that Descartes uses to show the proof of God. By the end of meditation two, following onto meditation three Descartes concludes that we as humans are considered as a ‘res cognitas’ in which we are recognised as a thinking thing. However due to humans being known as the ‘res cognitas’ that means God is the ‘perfect being’. Descartes uses this to prove the existence of God, because it takes his view that anything with an effect must have a cause, in terms that we as humans are the affect concluding that God is the cause. The argument entitles that God is …show more content…

The effects must come from a greater source. Meditation three includes the idea that God must exist because he is a perfect being , therefore it is more perfect for him to exist than for him to be non-existent. If God was not to exist but instead was just a concept, than our idea of the concept of God would not be perfect, because he is unable to exist. Furthermore it results that God must exist, because if our concept of God is to be a perfect being, then that perfect being should be capable of existing also, to truly make him perfect. Concluding there must be the existence of God in Descartes view, because we must have a greater reality.
There is a distinction between two realities with Descartes meditation. It entails that there is a formal reality and a modal formal reality. Formal reality is demonstrating that we are finite beings, and because of this there must be something greater than that. There must be an existence that is greater than us. To this it concludes that there is an infinite being, which would also be the source of our being . Within this reality God is the only thing which has an infinite formal reality that exists. Whereas humans, we are substances consequently we do not possess this, instead we have formal finite reality. Moreover, Descartes uses this to prove the existence of God, because God is an infinite being due to his greater

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