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Chichen Itza was one of the great Mesoamerican cities and popular tourist sites in Mexico. It is situated at the northern part Yucatan peninsula which is modern Mexico. Chichenitza basically rose at the end of early classic period about 600 AD. Archaeologists assume that between 900 AD and 1050 AD, this ancient city extended and became the provinces capital governing most parts of the Central and Northern Yucatan peninsula.this site is rich wid monumental architecture ans sculptures which shows images of jaguars,eagles,featheredserpants it actually provide the theme of militarism.
History Overview:
The actual name “Chichen Itza” means “At the mouth of the well of the Itza.” It is to be believed that Maya used to throw gold and jade. Human bones also found there which tells us that they used to do a lot of human sacrifices at that time. Art and architecture of that city reflects the blending of Maya and Totlec civilization.Though the Totlec capital of Tola were 800 miles away from that site but Chichen Itza had …show more content…

This pyramid has four sides which is about 100 feet from the base and in each side there are 91 steps which grand totals 365 including the steps to enter the temple which represents the number of days in a year.
Caracol is one of the most mesmerizing monuments of Chichen Itza. It was built prior to 800 CE. It was used as astronomical observatory especially of Venus and also a temple to Kukulcan is his semblance as wind god. The structure of the Caracol is a bit mysterious for its illusionary turning shape of the circular tower. The interior vaulting represents a conch shell may be (an object related to kukulcan) and there is a spiral staircase which gives access to the second floor. The vault is over 10 meter high.
3.The Temple Of

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