Describe How You Have Taken Advantage Of A Significant Educational Opportunity

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Personal Statements Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced. As far as my knowledge goes, I cannot say that I have an extremely high amount. I constantly struggle with my school work, and I do not have any strong subject. I am not the type of person to be able to pass an exam without studying. For me, I must put effort in everything I do. That is my biggest educational barrier. I consider myself as “average”. The problem with me is that I want to go beyond that average standard. I want to exceed the standard expectations. My grades are quite good, as I have almost all A’s as well as a 3.83 GPA. When people see this achievement, they tell me, “That is not surprising. You are so smart!” I never answer to their response, because deep down inside, I know that this is far from true. My grades are not from naturally understanding things immediately, but are from working hard, and putting in as much effort as possible. I stay up late every night just to understand the material. While most people complete their assignments and call it a day, I not only complete it, but I always make sure to ask this question, “Do I understand this enough to do this easily on a test?” If the answer is no, I spend at least another hour to understand the content. I dread every time I realize I must spend more time staying up than sleeping, but when good results show, I find this all to be worth it. My

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