Describe How You Have Taken Advantage Of A Significant Educational Obstacles In The Uc Prompt. 1

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UC Prompt #4 Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome and educational barrier you have faced. Everybody has educational barriers, and everyone has a specific way to overcome it.There’s always going to be barriers, but I never gave up. My first educational barriers was learning.In 1st grade it was hard to communicate with my classmate and teacher.I felt disappointed in myself and discourage making me feel important. Meanwhile, my cousin taught me how to speak English fluently, we first started with basic words like ‘’hi’’ or ‘’good morning.’’That’s how I worked myself through this barrier and to this day, I know how to speak English fluently. Although, some students would make fun of me because I would have an accent. For example, when people come from a different country and they try to talk English they would have an accent from their original country. In the other hand, I was failing math because unlike all the other students, I am not the fastest learner. I would always get confused with the structure and format of the question. For instance, fractions, decimals, and word problems would confuse me . I wasn’t very good with solving any of that so I knew I had to start attending tutoring. I had very good help from the students at Loma Linda University. They taught me an easier way to solve any problem, and that caused my test scores to increase. I can pass that class with no problem now. That

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