Describe Jon's Character

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“As I heard laughter and cheerful screams coming from my living room, I jumped out of excitement and rushed out of my room to see what was going on. As I proceeded, a whimper of a dog was heard, my parents had gotten my brothers and I a dog as a family pet,” Jonathan recalled. The most important individuals in Jonathan’s life are his dog and his family. Jon is a very home oriented kid, who puts family first before anything. Jonathan can also relate to the average teenager, that does not enjoy attending school. Jonathan is a brother to David, Reynaldo and son of David and Alyssa Beltran. He has big, dark black eyes, curly black hair and is five feet and nine inches tall. One of Jonathan”s favorite food is spaghetti with lots of homemade meatballs covering the plate. While he is in the process of completing his chores, he loves to listen to his favorite artist, Rich Chigga. Jonathan has much more to him than he meets the eye. …show more content…

With his dog Oscar being the most influential person that has impacted his life, by showing him how to be happy, chill, and live a careless life. Jonathan has simple characteristics that stand out in a person. Not judging people is a quality that attributes to Jon’s character, and he says that it is rude and goes against his beliefs, of how he was raised. Jon is a type of person, that does not bring much attention to himself, and uses “okay” to describe his inner self. He has enough confidence towards his appearance and is not affected by how society labels him. Associating with a variety group of people does not fit into his character, but when he does Jon often is considered an annoying human being. Overall, Jon has a positive mind, towards himself and

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