Describing The Confessions : St. Augustine's Confessions

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St. Augustine’s Confessions St. Augustine’s Confessions are just what they sound like: a compilation of confessions to God and to his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. He pours out his feelings and his grief about his sins into his writing. He uses creative metaphors when describing his feelings about what happened in his past. His confessions are an outcry from him to God who can save him from his sins and In his second book of confessions, Augustine is down to earth and honest with the readers. He is a rotten, “wasted away”, sinful young man who realizes that he was wrong and wants to become one with Christ again. He goes to list off his sins including sexual impurities and theft. He is most upset by knowing that he had mixed priorities and that he once took pleasure in committing those sins. Augustine (397) writes, “Could I find pleasure only in what was unlawful, and only because it was unlawful?” (p. 6). He says that his only reason for doing wrong was just to be able to say he did wrong. Augustine also mentions that he felt pressured by his peers and that his parents were not proactive in stopping him from committing those sins. Augustine talks about God being the Physician who healed him from his sins and failures. He continuously states his mistakes and laments over them, even though God forgives all sins, great or small. He talks about feeling separated from God saying, “Thus thou mayest gather me up out of these fragments in which I was torn to pieces,

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