Describing a System of Knowledge

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Any idea which is not conceived using fundamentally sound principles is going to be filled with layers and sub-layers of inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and half-truths. As those same misleading, ideas are used to create others, the system of small logical flaws compounds, multiplies, and creates wide variances between the provable facts and clear fallacies. A foundational group of irrefutable truths must be created in order to facilitate the development of truly accurate, consistent, and fulfilling ideas in the world of knowledge. Without such a group, the only conceivable truths would be those that can always be disproven via conjecture or hypocritical skepticism. This concept of snowballing inaccuracies is the driving force behind Rene …show more content…
These concerns are what the meditations are attempting to address and eliminate from the human understanding of knowledge. A system of this nature actively rules out all things that rely on human perception and the fallible preconceived ideas. All memories, photographs, and oral knowledge must be removed due to their dependence on perception. Human senses must be distrusted because they are easily fooled by skeptical arguments such as the Dream Hypothesis that prove that the entirety of the human existence could be attributed to a simple hallucination or a dream of one man (Descartes 352). In this case the entirety of history, math, and other accounts that depend on human experiences are ruled out as possibilities for ideas that can be allowed into the system for irrefutable knowledge. Removing these notions from the selective pool of possible foundations leaves very little left for consideration and leads to the proposal of the first candidate within the new system. An idea that Descartes believes can escape the criticism on skeptics is the notion that he exists for as long as he is thinking (Descartes 355). By this he means as long as any thought can be processed and he can conceive of ideas than he exists as a thinking thing. Further he specifies that none of the physical components of the reality interact with
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