Description Of 2079 : The Killer From The Past

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2079: The killer from the past Prologue (Present Tense) My dad was brutally murdered a day ago and no one knows who did it. I am sitting in the front row of the funeral with my suspicious mother who is 78 years old. I remorse on who would do this to my father. He was stabbed 17 times brutally and died in agony. I knew who it was all along . . .

2 weeks ago before murder

The year was 2079, my team and I were working on a train model that goes the speed of light. This concept took years to master, and that week, we are finally testing it out. While working on some final tweaks on the train my boss, Jaxon, asked, “We need someone to volunteer on the train. The person needs to be ambitious, intelligent, and ready to sacrifice himself. …show more content…

Our company wanted to travel to anywhere in the world by train in seconds. I entered the train with a weeks food supply, 20 gallons of water, and my confidence.
“Ready Kai?” asked Jaxon. “Yes, Sir!” I replied stumbuling.
My team closed the door and I could see them just faint away when the glass door closed, then the big metal one.
The monitor on the train showed the cameras outside of the train and a countdown.
10...9...8..7...6..5...4...3...2...1… The train started going.
In about 2 seconds, I could feel zero gravity. In the next 3 seconds the train went too fast and I fainted.

I woke up very tired. My head hurted and wanted just to sleep. I saw crumbles and fire sparks around me in a place that looks familiar. I was lucky to survive this train crash. How did the train even crash? The monitor was broken, and I checked my watch. Has it been 7 days already? I started to feel the adrenaline come in me and became more awake. What was I going to do next?

As I got out of the wrecked train, everything around me looked beige and yellow. I made out it was sand. I am in a desert by myself. I started to walk in a random direction and after about 30 minutes of persistently walking, I finally found a spectrum of light. When I walked closer, there was a road sign that boldly said “You are now entering Becil City”. Isn’t that the city I live in? My mind is in confusion! The city I lived in had no desert near it. I started to wonder, am I in the right time? In doubt, I

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