Puff Falls

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I was excited to see one glance at a famous waterfall when I was in the car. Almost there. Almost there. I was seconds away. I took a deep breath. I saw this waterfall in a book, but it was blurry. One glimpse. 1…2...3...
Waterfalls form differently most of the time and it creates something interesting. Waterfalls can be formed in many ways. One way they can form is when natural disasters hit rock under the stream then it forms. Another way they can form is when water pushes the rock away many times. There are many types of waterfalls and some waterfalls have more than one type. The dictionary meaning of waterfall is “a very steep descent of the water of a stream.” The Pacific Northwest has many waterfalls and they can be formed in …show more content…

Do all waterfalls hit a rock on it’s way down?

Puff Falls
Puff Falls is 133 ft. down and is over double the size of Spirit Falls. It’s located at Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington. Puff Falls is not easily accessed because it’s in a forest. Puff Falls is a plunging Punchbowl waterfall. It’s that because it doesn’t touch any rock on the way down and the water falls in a pool. Puff Falls flows through Dry Creek and another name for it is Dry Creek Falls. Is Puff Falls considered tall?

Salt Creek Falls
Salt Creek Falls is 286 ft. tall and in Oregon it’s the 2nd tallest 1 drop waterfall. Salt Creek Falls is easily accessed because it’s able to drive and there are many things you can do there. It was discovered by Frank S. Warner and Charles Tufti in 1887. Over many years Salt Creek Falls has become popular. It’s a Plunge type waterfall. They found that out from looking above and below the falls. Is Salt Creek Falls the most popular in the Pacific Northwest?

Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls is the most famous in Idaho and it’s nickname is “Niagra of the West.” It’s over 900 ft. across and 212 ft. down. Shoshone Falls is the widest waterfall in Idaho. It’s name came from an Indian tribe. They named it after the tribe because that’s where the tribe lived. Shoshone Falls is a block waterfall and runs through Snake River. A block waterfall is a waterfall that flows from a wide stream. Waterfalls have been known for their greatness and beauty

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